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Shandong zhengda feed Co., LTD. Was established in 2006, the project total investment is 40 million, the company is located in the beautiful and rich coast of bohai sea, yellow triangle center of binzhou city - economic development zone. By China ocean university of China and the sea Marine institute and several experts to form. With annual production FengNianChong shrimp chips, black auspicious, BP, etc and seedling feed 1500 tons of 20,000 tons of shrimp feeds. All aquatic feed equipment with the leading domestic level, the ability to 90 eyes - 600 mesh, leading the industry superfine grinding the new standard. Feed in the machining process mixed uniformity, fine granularity, computer measurement precision, for production of special aquatic feed is very beneficial.
Company start in 2008 and the ocean university of China, zhanjiang ocean experiment center, professional research institutions to strengthen two-way technical cooperation, shandong zhengda feed Co., LTD in the products of feed and nutrition and update the breakthrough. Add more suitable for Chinese shrimp, Japan and South American white shrimp prawn strong attractant and high nutrition supplements and composite peptide and contains DHA, the EPA deep-sea refining fish, amino acids, fatty acid, etc. Product more balanced nutrition composition, comprehensive and palatability, no antibiotics, hormone, bait coefficient is low, effectively improve immune function, strengthen the aquatic products disease-resistant ability, promoting the fish, prawns, crabs, etc, to improve the speed of growth aquatic feed efficiency and aquatic products quality, reduce production cost. Aquatic products safety without harmful residues, no pollution and sweet-meated water to wild varieties taste completely.
Shandong zhengda feed Co., LTD, based on new product development are also in hebei and shandong coast adopt independent and participating in aquaculture water organized 10 million acres of green culture zones, the new products for the company to repeat the broad and build.
Shandong zhengda feed Co., LTD is willing with the farmers work together, enterprising, by the high quality product and the first-class service, aquaculture and work together to create a beautiful tomorrow of feed processing.

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